Next Generation

A secure SMS Messaging platform allowing your business to send bulk SMS Messages to your clients


More than just a messaging platform

Real time analytics, direct relationships with carriers and innovation around pain points all come together for a more reliable, and efficient service. Discover how we push the limits to deliver the quality you’ve come to expect.

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Efficiency when you need it. Manage contacts in groups. Organising is key!


Set the right message for the right time. Message Owl will handle the rest.


Say bye-bye to repetitive tasks and save an enormous time in messaging.

We’ve integrated Message Owl into own systems and it’s been super smooth and efficient. The workflow is extremely fast and Message Owl’s team of experts will help you out in any situation.

Ahmed Saleem Adam

Head of Marketing

ADK Hospitals

Once its set up, all we need to do is just continue with our normal workflow and Message Owl takes care of the rest.

Rifau Mohamed


Shell Beans

It's lit af, bro. Try it. Better than Dhiraagu bs.



Kanmathee Paart

Next Generation?

The Message Owl Stack

Comprises of three products that makes Message Owl the Next Generation Messaging Platform.

  • The industry standard SMS platform allowing business to engage customers via messages.

  • Lightweight distributed shipper responsible for handling all message delivery through all available routes.

  • Real time analytics using big data, designed with the tools and experience to allow businesses to develop and expand.

Why Message Owl?

The Message Owl


Easily prgrammable for developers & Businesses to manage the platform the way they desire

Increased Revenue

Jumpstart your business and reach the targeted clients faster and more efficiently.


Enable communication without compromising privacy. Masked Phone numbers & two-factor Authentication add another layer of security.


Review your activites, sent messages, time, and technical information, and be able to generate graphs on the success rate of SMS.